• Rep App – Make Friends And Influence People!

    Do you want to earn money doing something that you love? Do you like Insta, Twitter and Facebook? What do you think of posting posts get thousands of followers and earn money at the same time, would you like that? Don’t worry I got you covered! The Rep App it’s an influencer app and literally it’s the easiest thing ever. How to start Rep and influence all your friends? 1. Need to download the app on to your phone 2. Then you can sign in and login with Facebook or Email. 3. Link your Instagram account. And that’s it YOU are done, easy as that! How to Earn Money With…

  • IZEAx the influence marketing!

    IZEA The Money Maker!

    IZEA its very cool for many reasons. IZEA can work with website or on its own. They created the modern influenced marketing industry in 2006. Starting to pay bloggers to create content for another brands. Now they are a NASDAQ traded company working with the world’s top Marketers and Creators from Big Brands. IZEA its essentially a platform where you get paid to leverage social media influence’s to create a brand and distribute it on social media or tor sell your articles to big brands, agencies, top media, organizations and the world’s largest newspaper publishers. They have three different plans where you can join: -> IZEAx Discover The Discovery Plan…

  • How to make money with fiverr!

    How To Make Money With Fiverr

    The Fiverr is a marketplace that you can sell and buy different types of digital services by freelance contractors. They have a various services offered. The services are from different categories from: Graphics & Design Digital Marketing Writing & Translation Videos & Animation Music & Audio Programming & Tech Business Fun & Lifestyle Fiverr as a charging start of $5 and can go up to thousands, depending on what you sell and is quality. And it is very good to earn some more income on the side. When you want to cash your money from the balance on your seller account you can do it by a PayPal account or…

  • What apps do we need?

    User Testing

    What is User Testing? A user testing it is literally what the name says it is a user testing something but in this case it’s an online user testing. Normally User Testing pays about £10 per website tested which would take up to 20 minutes. Not bad, is it? No. The goal with user testing is they give you a task and a website or app and you make a video talking about the website and what you think of it. You really need to give an honest review like what you expected, if you like it or not or find what they asked you on the task. User Testing…

  • wealthy-affiliate review

    2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review

    I suppose you have heard about Wealthy Affiliate right? If not, this review will let you know what it has to know. I’ve tried many things in the online marketing like Online courses, 60 day Challenges, University affiliate courses, videos on YouTube, programming and the list keeps going on. I will try to be the most honest and real with this 2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review so by the end of this post I will leave the link and you can make your own opinion but first please read my review thoroughly. How Did I Find Wealthy Affiliate? As I told you I have tried many things and some places just…

  • The dragon's Den Scam!

    XtraderXF Review – The Dragons Den Scam!

    I found XtraderXF when I saw a post about the BBC Dragon’s Den when two best friends went to do a pitch about bitcoin. The dragon’s had invested live on the website and the money just in less than five minutes has multiplied, the dragons wanted immediately to invest £200.000. With the obvious success of the platform with his big numbers multiplying every single day the user only needs to invest on an initial deposit of £250 for a Bitcoin position and then the platform works on an automated trading algorithm. XtraderFX Is A CFD Broker Focused On The Crypt Currency Market. At first glance can even be mistaken for…

  • How To Make Money Online With Surveys

    You want to spend 1 hour of your life and earn £10 to £15? Well surveys is what you looking for! Surveys is been in the lists of many people. They’re very easy to do, You normally spend in between 5 to 15 min to complete a survey. The rewards consist on each different websites. Some websites offer cash, vouchers or prize draws ranging from 0.10p to £50. Best Surveys: Swagbucks Toluna MySurvey OnePoll i-Say (IPSOS)   Surveys You Should Avoid: CashSurveysOnly.com Click 4 Surveys Dollar Cell LegitPaidOnlineSurveys Maximum Paid Surveys   There is a lot of choices on surveys! That’s how I started on my journey online! It’s a…

  • About Lily

    Being an affiliate marketer is hard work as everything else! If you think earning money at home on your laptop without doing any work, it’s impossible! I love affiliate marketing is just something that I enjoy doing. I do love my freedom and I do plan my days very thoroughly so I can enjoy the most of my time! How I Started My Journey On the Online World I started my journey on the online world just to make a couple bucks every other week, I started looking online for ways and as I was only a beginner so I looked for something easy. I found so many things that…

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